Wiring a Shop

David Ripley asked on WoodCentral:

“Any good web sites and or books on wiring a garage workshop?”

Clint Serl responded, saying:

“Check the Taunton website. They publish a good one by Rex Cauldwell.”

My response was (more or less; I've since expanded on the original):

If you're looking for how-to information on electrical wiring in general, The Cauldwell book Clint mentioned (Wiring a House) is good, as is another one I've used for more than 30 years; Wiring Simplified, by Richter, Schwann, and Hartwell (I haven't used the same one for 30 years; my current one is the 40th edition based on the 2002 NEC). I recommend having both on hand.

If you're looking for shop specific information, I don't know of any books in particular. I have, however, gleaned a lot of ideas over the years from threads on this and other fora, as well as rec.woodworking, and I can summarize by mentioning a few points to consider:

Most of these are not my ideas; as I said, I gleaned them from dozens of threads over the years, and this list is not exhaustive. I'll add more as others chime in with their ideas.

I Hope this helps.

Last updated: 27 January 2009

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