The Master Bedroom
This Old New House

text I put Mom to work scraping up plaster drippings from the original construction 30 years ago. text Then I started laying our laminate floor. After a couple of hiccups (I had missed removing a couple of nails when I took out the baseboard) it went down pretty quickly. text It looks pretty good.

text I ordered 13 boxes of the product. I should have ordered 13 boxes and one plank. text The store wouldn't sell me one, so I went out to the shop and assembled some scraps. I can't even find the patches and I put them in. text We found we needed a fan for sleeping (we're not running the A/C while the rehab is going on), so I put one in. It has a remote, too.

text As part of the new wall in the media room project, we gained two closets in the master bedroom. They're nice sized—≈31"x54"—and fulfill the need brought about by converting the original walkin in the bathroom area into more bathroom space. text Shot of aromatic cedar lining of floor of Linda's closet (the one on the left in previous picture), and right and rear walls. text Shelf cleats dry fitted.

text Closeup of carving I did on bottom of center shelf support cleat. Linda had no idea I was going to do this and saw it for the first time hanging on the wall. text Detail of closet pole socket being test fit with uncut support pendant. text Support pendant decorated and installed.

text Linda decorated the shelves in her closet. Eventually when she tires of the tchotchkes and needs the space she'll put the shelves to better use. text A view of a clean dresser (just before some company arrived). We won't see this very often. text Not much interesting in a plain white closet (mine), but it's done. I echoed the pendant design from Linda's closet in mine. I didn't carve a heart.

The room was painted a couple of years ago, shortly after I got the floor installed.

We have added the closet space on the north wall (stealing space from the media room), as advertised earlier and are at the point of installing cedar lining in Linda's closet and priming and painting Rod's, but essentially we are complete in this room, save for the trim.

Linda's closet is now complete except for door trim and painting. Mine is now done, too. I have the trim to do around the room. That's all that's left for this room. This is a major milestone.

Last updated: 06 February 2009

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