The Master Bathroom
This Old New House

text The first part of the demolition was getting the shelves and door out of the closet. text The linen closet had to go, too. text Enjoy this tub while you can...

text's gone. The wall separating from the toilet went, too. text So did the old vanity and the wall behind it. This new wet wall is 6" thick and will have a pedestal sink on the near side and a 48" vanity on the far side. His 'n hers. text I had to plumb this crossover so that hot and cold would be on the correct side of the drain on both sides of the wall.

text I employed a plumber to install a drain for the shower that will replace the tub. This (and a new window in the kitchen) is the only part of the rehab I've hired out. The concrete is my work. text In order to gain space for the shower size we wanted, I had to move the door. The framing is where the old door was. text All fixtures are now gone from the bathroom.

text This is the end wall of the shower with the control and head fixture in place, as well as the new room electrics. text The opposite end of the shower will now be a knee wall hiding the toilet and a glass panel above. text The framing over the old door has now been rocked and mudded.

text Four ceiling fixtures: eyeball light over toilet, shower light, regular ceiling light, exhaust fan. text This detail shows not only the vent but the styrofoam vent guards that keep insulataion away from the airspace that goes from soffit to ridge. text Insulation is in!

text Finally, I got some sheetrock on the ceiling. Two sheets (although cut in two) single handed. My triceps are still sore. Thank god for Milwaukee (not Old). text This is the vapor barrier in the shower area. I'm starting to be committed to this shower, now! text All of the backer board is up, taped, and thinsetted (is that a word?); ready for the floor work, now.

text This shows the PVC liner. text Lath has been formed over the curb. text Then I formed the curb. This was some real mud work.

text I put gravel around the drain to keep the weep holes from clogging up with mortar. text Well, now I've done it. For better or worse, this is the shower pan. text Here's a closer look at the pan.

Floating the pan went better than I thought, although it was a lot of mud. 2 bags of mortar mix and 2 bags of sand; all hand mixed (although I once hand mixed 12 bags of Sakrete for a small porch; thought I would die). What you can't see is the slope or the finish of the surface. Now on to the tile!

text Here is the shower floor tiled. text Here's the bathroom floor tiled. text Shower wall tile being installed. What a messy work area!

text Another view of tiling in progress. text This is a detail of the marble shelf installed. Above is the niche. text Shower tiling completed. Also, fixtures have been installed and wainscoting is in.

text Glass installed; the shower is completed! text Here is the pedestal sink where the original vanity and sink was. text This is the toilet area (before the shower glass was installed). The toilet is directly across from the pedestal sink.

text Linda's vanity on her side of the wet wall. The pedestal sink is on the other side of this wall. text The cabinets and towel rack behind Linda's vanity. text Full corner shot of the cabinets.

text This shows the molding treatment on the door. The pilasters and top casing are fluted. The plinth block and corner blocks are rosettes. The wainscoting section to the right hasn't been fitted and installed yet.

Demolition on the bath room started in earnest around the end of May, 2003. I worked on it off and on from that time, but often in parallel with other demolition (shop, family room, kitchen, laundry room), so it wasn't exactly a full time endeavor. Also, I got slowed down with the birth of a granddaughter, and SWMBO's vacation, as well as general lethargy mostly from reluctance to commit to the floating of the shower pan. Our daughter suggested having the project essentially completed (except for the glass) by Christmas as a present for SWMBO, which we did. .\n\n

Date of floating the pan: 17 November. Tiling was completed about mid December. Major decorating was completed 24 December. The glass was installed on 15 January, 2004. It turned out just as I envisioned it when we first looked at the house in March, 2003. I am happy. SWMBO is ecstatic.

Update! January, 2017. Finally, I got around to gettinng grab bars insalled in the shower. See above image in which I display the 2×6es I inlet into the shower walls for eventual grab bar installation. Then see the following showing the completion.


Last updated: 15 January 2017

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