The Guest Bath
This Old New House

Original bath.

This is the photo on the main page. Yes, that's green carpet on the floor. Ugh.

Tiled floor

I tiled the floor.

Opposite view

A view from outside the door looking toward the hall.


The old shower door has been removed and a curtain is in its place.


The vanity will eventually be redone with a new sink.

Grab bars

I installed some grab bars in the tub stall against future geriatric needs (including us!).

We don't know whether to do anything else with it or not, outside of the vanity. We replaced the 30 year old faucet sets with new ones. Sharp eyed visitors will note the that they (the vanity faucet and faucet/shower head set) are the same as in the master bath. I suppose we can replace the toilet and the tub, but if we can hold off for another twenty years, the colors may come back in style.

This was my best tile job to date, and I'm really pleased with the results. The high contrast between the relatively dark tile and the light gray grout, and the dead straight lines I was able to achieve inspired the selection of the dark burgundy grout for the light tile in the hall/foyer.

We just keep tinkering. A recent visit from my mother and the necessary acquisition of a portable heater have highlighted the need for an additional outlet on the toilet/vanity wall. Coupled with the multiwire branch circuit now serving this bath, I'm going to wind up rewiring the bathroom all the way from the load center, upgrading to a 20 Amp circuit which is now required by code. That will also facilitate the addition of a light in the bath/shower and a switch for it on the wall next to the linen closet door.

Last updated: 06 February 2009

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