The Dumpster
This Old New House

text Is there anyone who doesn't know what a 20 yard dumpster looks like? text More than 200 yards of carpet and padding here. text All of the paneling from the family room and dining room, plus the dishwasher and range are in now.

text Now the paneling from the garage and the kitchen cabinets are in. text This is how it left the house.

In addition to the above, all the sheathing (Celotex™) from behind the paneling, plus a lot of construction debris (2x material, drywall, etc.) plus some yard waste went in there—as did a cast iron bathtub (in pieces).

I had the dumpster from 15 May to 25 May 2003 and loaded 3.4 tons in it. That's 6800 pounds! I was amazed. All this time I thought I was lazy. Cost me about $230. I wish I'd had it for another week to get all of the bathroom demo debris out. Oh, well; our municipal waste pickup is very flexible.

Last updated: 06 February 2009

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