This is the Woodbutcher Family Stories Page

Consider this a living document, in that as more family stories are recalled, they will be added here.

This isSWMBO’s favoritefamily story.

Oops,Caught again. The “sadly, I didn’t learn” story.

On the other hand, the rest of the family considers this,not SWMBO’s finest hour, to be the #1 family story.

But this,SWMBO cleans up,is my favorite family story.

I was just reminded of this recently and I realized it’s probably our first family story;SWMBO fishing.

This isThe Trip From Hellthat we experienced when we moved to Florida in 1999.

This is more of aSWMBO and Rodstory, but it captures some of the magic that is us.

When in Rome—SWMBO dusts off her high school French on a trip to Lower Canada. Where is thatwine store?

When SWMBO went tocollegea regular pattern developed.

Are you a risk taker? SWMBOisn’t—not even close.

Not so much a family story as an interesting personal experience. Night out with the boys.

You may find the story ofThe Dalton Chairmore interesting as there is a general historical flavor to it, not just the Petersons.

Last updated: 15 January 2018

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